Sunday, January 3, 2010

Austin, Austin, why are you so cold?

The flight back to Austin went pretty smoothly for a turbulent flight. Austin greeted me with 40 degree and raining weather. Danielle was nice enough to not only pick me up from the airport but come inside and help me with that darned bike case. The day was all about getting settled and somehow the day ended without my little bit of rollers I had planned. Oops. This week had a lot of riding and I had to a lot to catch up on (and still do). Training went very well, but I guess being stuck on the trainer for an awful number of hours at altitude will do that ;-)

Thursday we went to Josh G's New Years Pajama Party, although, I'll admit I was quite wiped out by 10pm. I wish I had taken pictures of everyone in their pajamas...and kimonos...and longhorn slippers. Friday I was supposed to run to the gym and do my gym stuff but I misread the schedule and after I had run there I found out the gym was closed on New Years Day, so I had to run home (Peter was going to pick me up in an hour but he was in church and it was 35* outside!). My joints are a little too weak to run that far so I paid the price and was very sore for a few days after that. Later that day, Peter and I journeyed to the infamous Round Rock Outlets to look for some after-holiday deals and to see Sherlock Holmes at the theater there. Both the Outlets and Sherlock Holmes were pretty good.

Saturday was probably one of my least enjoyable rides because my hips and knees were hurting from the unintended long-run. I started with the Flyers group ride and then headed further Northeast for what felt like a neverending 4.5 hour ride. In the evening, Peter and I headed down to the Austin Flyers launch party and saw some friends. It was good to catch up. It's hard to split time between so many "groups" of friends- I want to see them all all the time. I very blessed to have such great friends in my life. Sunday was pretty chill but enjoyable. I went to church, re-organized my room, went to lunch with Danielle, went for an awesome tempo ride in the 40-degree mist- note: the weather was not awesome- since then, I've just been doing stuff around the house and got in some good living room yoga.

This week is looking like a good and busy one: Fredericksburg trip, much more Luna work, plenty of riding, finishing up everything for camp next week, a lot of job searching, and some fun stuff planned with friends. It's supposed to freeze and snow this week! This is not Austin! Normally it's in the 40's at night and 60's during the day. YIKES!

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