Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Peter and I took a little trip out to Fredericksburg. Neither he or I had been out there for enjoyment of the cute little town, rather, we'd driven through countless times and had done a Clif event or two out there. It was lovely to get to finally check out the town, albeit the weather was quite a bit chilly (I refuse to wear long underwear in Texas, although I probably could have used it). I'm pretty sure 50% of the stores were German restaurants or wineries- haha. We also tried to go check out Enchanted Rock since I had never been, but it was closed. We drove out there anyways so I could at least kinda see it from afar. It was a nice little trip with great company :-D
My date


The sheep ran up to us like puppies!


There were lots of neat things in the Marketplaz

He's smiling
A present for the town, handmade from Germany

Enchanted Rock is in the distance!

The rest of this week is a bit jam-packed with plenty of riding, working, job searching, and training camp stuff (that is next week!!), thus why I've been up since 5:30am hehe. Have a good week!

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