Friday, March 13, 2009

California Here I Come

Finally the California trip is almost here.  School and obligations this week were a drag with doing two weeks of school work so I'm glad to have most of that out of the way now and now I just have to tie up loose ends before leaving for Dallas tomorrow.  The weather Tuesday was 85 degrees and we were using our A/C to cool the house to 78 degrees and the very next morning it was 40 degrees and raining so we had to turn the heater on.  So ridiculous, but that is Texas for you!  It's still pretty nasty outside and I'm predicting a 3 hour indoor trainer ride later this afternoon...

Tomorrow Peter's mom is driving over to Austin from Dallas to pick us up (we'll be flying from California to Austin at the end of the trip so we didn't want to take the car to Dallas!)- big thanks to her for that!  Metro VW will be participating at "The New You" Health Fair Expo with the dealership and their Jetta (Green Car of the Year- woot!) this weekend and then Monday we'll be off on our journey to sunny California, where I grew up.  A couple of my friends that are in school there are going to try to come out to a race which would be so awesome as I haven't seen them in awhile.  First race on the schedule for the trip is San Dimas, followed by Redlands.  I'm definitely excited and the trip as whole will be a great experience.

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