Saturday, March 21, 2009

San Dimas Day 1 and 2

Day 1:  3.8 mile time trial...up a climb.  The saddest part about it was that I think we pre-rode it faster than I ended up time trialing it.  The nice part about the time trial was although it was one big climb with about 1000 feet of climbing (I think) was that it was a steady climb which allowed you to get in a rhythm going up all those switchbacks.  It was still ridiculously painful.  I finished in 17:35 which put me in 32nd of 80+ starters...not that bad I guess for the first time.  Shannon pulled off a 17:06 (or something) which put her at 21st.  At the top, they had coolers of water, but no one brought bottles for such a short TT, so it was more of a tease.  Regulary brakepads with carbon wheels made for a very loud decent.  

Day 2: 56-mile road race...8 laps of 7-miles.  There was a ~500 meter steep-ish climb every lap (with QOM at the top!)...the rest was pretty flat or rolling.  My job was to lead Ashley and Casey up to the climb on every QOM sprint (lap 2,4,6), so they could try to win the sprint.  The first time ended up being the charm though because I them out, enabling Casey to attack up the climb and Coryn to follow to form what became a 13-person break that stayed away all day.  Those girls totally rocked it...Coryn came in 4th and Casey came in 7th, moving them up to 12th and 13th respectively.  Casey even won a QOM sprint!  Ashley, Shannon, and I mostly sat in and did nothing since most of the major teams were represented in the break (plus it had a huge time gap).  I attempted to lead Shannon (Ashley wasn't feeling good) out up the climb, but basically just sorta strung out the pack leading up to it and got her to the front and then rode with what I had left to the finish line.  Shannon did pretty well in the sprint (top 4 maybe?).  Pretty good day for us!  

Tomorrow it's supposed to be cold and rainy for the crit.  We'll see how that goes!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good day in the saddle. Nice ride! Can't wait to race with you guys!