Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rugby Nationals

I found out this person is the epitome of rugby!

So this weekend I worked the Clif booth at Rugby Nationals with Hana.  She's such a great gal to work with and we always have a lot of fun.  This event ended up being a little odd.  It went perfectly with my very odd week.  When we arrived Saturday, there was a random thunderstorm threatening, which ended up turning into a very big thunderstorm that lasted four hours!  If you are not familiar with the average rugby player, they are pretty big and muscularly, like to drink, love to get muddy, and are flirty.  Being stuck in a tiny clubhouse for four hours packed in like sardines with these guys is an...adventure.  When Hana and I tried to pack up shop and leave, the truck got stuck in the mud and ended up sinking down a good six inches.  We couldn't get it out.  A bunch of burly rugby dudes tried to get it out too, but couldn't.  We ended up having to get a ride home from the director of the tournament.  

There was no grass left after the game after the storm

The picture does not do it justice, the truck is very deep in the mud.

The next day was better.  It had dried up a little bit and Hana and I wedged rocks under the truck and got it out.  

Always happy to pose.  They also asked if we wanted single shots.  Haha.

We are actually quite wet.  We got stuck outside in the rain before wedging our way in the clubhouse.

They loved my tanlines.

Life has been a little hectic trying to finish up everything in Austin but I'm trying to take it one day at a time.  I've been able to see some friends lately which has been really nice.  Some more notable events:  Friday, I went to an awesome wine bar named Uncorked with Tammy and Pat.  Definitely check it out, if you live in Austin.  Tammy and I got flights of wine which was a lot more fun!  Monday I went to Red House Pizzeria with Tammy, Brenna, and Olivia.  That place is amazing and has half-off pizza for happy hour! We got one with pesto, chicken, roasted bell peppers, tomato, and big globs of goat cheese...18' for $8!  Can't beat that and it was so good.  They also have really good drinks.  

I've pretty much spent my every moment finishing up stuff around here- packing, cleaning, doing stuff for Texas Cycling, and even doing some stuff for me like seeing friends!  As much as I love Austin, I'm looking forward to hitting the road in a couple hours (waiting on some laundry) because that means that my summer adventure is officially beginning.  I'm really looking forward to Colorado- my parents are probably the coolest parents (maybe that's just because we're a lot alike) and I should get to ride this time because it won't be 10 degrees!  I have no idea what the rest of this summer will bring.  I just know my arrival and departure date at each place, starting with Dallas...I'll be there until Tulsa Tough.

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