Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mini Update on Speed Week

It's been a long week, but it's managing to come to a close.  I'm pretty sleepy, so just a brief update for tonight.  I've never been out in this part of the country and have enjoyed the scenery and some of the towns have been pretty neat.   Traveling with 6 guys and no gals has been an adventure to say the least.  I've been practicing at staying top 5-20 riders for the races here and have definitely done better as the week has progressed.  The fitness is definitely there which is great, it's just the focus that is hard.  I've stayed in the top 20 all week, but tomorrow I'm aiming a little higher ;-)  We'll see what happens.  Post race will be a long drive back through the night to Dallas and then to Austin, to a group meeting Monday night, class Tuesday, final Tuesday, final Wednesday, leave for Joe Martin Wednesday.  Short 36 hours in Austin, but I'll update on Speed Week as soon as I have a moment to breathe!

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Anonymous said...

Wow--what a busy week! Good luck on finals! I'm glad Speedweek is going well for you and that you are feeling good. Keep it up!