Thursday, April 30, 2009

Matrix Challenge

So last weekend was Matrix Challenge in Dallas, Texas. The course was pretty sweet...figure eight shaped in a shady non-profit district downtown. The wind was pretty strong but that's definitely an advantage for me- I like the wind! Lauren, our newest teammate, joined Shannon and I for the weekend and, boy, she's strong! Shannon and I were focused on going 1-2 both days and just worrying about that and nothing else.

Saturday, after some attacks early in the first couple of laps, I was able to counter Shannon and get a good gap about ten or fifteen minutes in. Once the gap was large enough, the chasing let up a bit and I was able to increase the gap substantially. Shannon and Lauren were able to sit at the front and cover any moves and slow down the pace if possible. I lapped the field by five to go and just sat at the front and gave the rest of what I had to help out Lauren and Shannon for the lead out. They were able to get 1st and 2nd in the field sprint, so we went 1-2-3! We also won Brad's daily double too ;-)

Sunday, people were much less willing to let us get away but about halfway through, Shannon was the lucky one of the day and was able to counter Lauren. Lots of chasing went on for a good twenty minutes awhile Lauren and I made sure nothing got away. Shannon was able to get just about a minute up on the field. Jen went for a prime and kept going so I chased her down, somehow losing the pack so went I got to her, I just attacked and went by her and soloed in the for last five laps. Shannon won, I got second, and Lauren ended up 6th. Definitely a successful weekend for us and a lot of fun. I definitely have some great teammates.

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