Thursday, April 23, 2009

Green Machine

So apparently people find amusement much more in what I cook than what races I do ;-)  So I bring you the Green Smoothie.  Scary, huh?  In an attempt to eat mo' veggies, especially the dark, green kind, I decided to add some raw spinach to my smoothies.  I've been craving a lot more smoothies lately than anything else these days as the weather gets hotter so it seemed like a perfect fit.  Green-veggie haters- don't fear!  I promise you can't even taste it.  Even Peter, Mister I-won't-eat-it-unless-it-looks-pretty, said it was good but only when he didn't have to look at the color.  The usual mix is something of the following:

Frozen fruit (whatever kind, I've been using peaches)
Banana (if I've got one)
Two big handfuls of spinach
Plain Yogurt and Milk or OJ
Protein Powder

Mm mm mm.  Sometimes I add some peanut butter as well.  Pretty healthy.  Yum!

All served up in my very special Scooby Doo cup and eaten with a spoon! 

I don't think it's that ugly- it's sea foam green!  Lovely.  Off to Matrix Crits tomorrow, but not before girl's night tonight.  Then it's on to Speed Week with the boys, hurray!

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Kristen's Raw said...

I love green smoothies! YUM!