Saturday, April 11, 2009

Metro VW Crit Clinic

Well last weekend was the Metro VW Crit Clinic and Crit.  The whole thing turned out pretty well.  From what I gathered, most that attended felt like they got a lot out of it.  Bahati joined us on the second day to lead the clinic and then race in the crit.  There was one guy who showed up in his Rock Racing kit the first day and he seemed pretty pysched to meet him Sunday.  It was really enjoyable working with everyone.  Oftentimes I feel like I don't know much about racing and tactics and stuff, but I guess I've picked up a few things during these past two years on a bike.  Katty was out not just attending the clinic but racing and being the photographer for the weekend. She took some great shots and her album is posted on facebook if you'd like to see the pictures.

I've enjoyed spending the weekend at home in what feels like awhile now.  Unfortunately, I still seem to have whatever ailment I managed to get from California.  I don't think a series of midterms right when I got back helped too much.  I've gotten a lot of sleep the past couple of days and lots and lots of wellness tea with honey and vitamin C!  Hope everyone has a great Easter!

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