Friday, June 26, 2009

Breakfast, Ballet & Bloomen

Today started off early with a safari breakfast at Abigail’s Swiss elementary school in a teepeee, well we thought we were going to get to eat in the teepee, but instead we had breakfast inside her classroom. The school was cool- lots and lots of art and even trampolines in the classroom! Sounds like the kids had a good safari- they learned all about tigers and lions and other ferocious cats, made masks, and decorated pots, looked for cats in the forest, and camped out in a teepee, among other things. It was pretty cool.

Unfortunately, the weather today was bad- it was thunderstorming and pouring buckets the whole day. If we had trainers, it wouldn’t be a problem, really, but since we do not, we kissed our workout goodbye in favor of staying healthy and not sick. Instead we joined Abigail and her mom, Susanna, to Abigail’s ballet practice in Langnau. While she was at ballet, Shannon and I walked around the town and window shopped.

Das Ballet

Chocolate hippos

Afterwards, we went to a garden where you can cut your own flowers for a bouquet and pay by the flower. It was really cool! You can support the local farmers and know you are getting the freshest flowers possible! Check it out:

Yay flowers for the host family

Abigails cuts a fresh flower

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Shannon Koch said...

whitney those are pigs not hippos.......LMAO!!