Saturday, June 20, 2009

Power Washing

The last few days have been pretty low key. Shannon and I have luckily missed rain so far on our rides. We've done intervals the last few days, riding out towards Thun. Unfortunately, the rides have been shorter so we haven't made it all the way there yet. The ride is still very nice though and every day we pass the cutest little baby sheep ever. Shannon wants to take one home. Haha. It feels like all we do here is sleep, ride, and eat. Meals are very drawn out family affairs. Three generations of family at every meal- it's amazing! Lots of fresh food and everything is home cooked. We are learning Swiss German/ High German combo pretty quickly which is good. Bruno showed us today that we can power wash our bikes in a minute flat at the car wash. It's so much easier that way! Now our bikes are all clean for tomorrow's Kriterium! Today I also finally got to test out Skype and catch up with Peter who I hadn't talked to yet! We'll be staying here in Zollbruck next week as well because it will work out better logistically for our teammates. Next weekend we'll be journeying to Geneva to watch and cheer our teammates on for their Nationals!

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