Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tulsa Tough and Fort Collins

Last weekend, we journeyed to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the infamous Tulsa Tough.  This weekend was not my lucky weekend for racing, but hopefully I was just getting all the bad stuff out ;-)  Friday I didn't feel well at all, but I managed to stay away from the many crashes, and just finished mid-pack.  Shannon had a much better race and Lauren ended up in a crash (but she's okay).  Saturday there was a huge wreck that took out half (really, half) the field.  Lauren got stuck in that one too.  With two to go, Shannon and I were moving up the outside for the leadout, but in a turn, I got taken to the curb, complete with a somersault into the grass.  I finished though, but unfortunately I couldn't help lead Shannon out. Sunday was just as awful.  I guess I kinda broke my cleat Saturday, so that when I stood up to accelerate, my foot would pop out.  Oops.  My race didn't last long like that.  Shannon had a great race- breaking away for a lap and finishing top 20.

After the races, Shannon, Peter, and I went to one of our sponsor's houses in Oklahoma City to hang out with his hilarious 7-year old tomboy daughter.    Somehow we managed to pack the car, with a little help from magical magician Nathan.  It was stuffed to the max.   The next morning at 5am we left for Fort Collins.  It was nice getting into town early enough to hang out with the 'rents.  Boy, it's nice to hang out with them a bit.  It's been awhile.  Shannon, Peter and I have gotten spoiled with lots of delicious food, lovely riding, and very little on the agenda besides prepping for the trip.  We did a nice ride today to Rist Canyon.  It's so beautiful out here- much more scenic than Texas.  Tomorrow we're taking a little day trip to Boulder.  I'll report back later and hopefully with pictures!

We'll be here in Fort Collins until June 15th, when Shannon, Peter, and I will fly out to Zurich, Switzerland, for the remainder of the summer to race over there.  Shannon and I will be racing for Team Bike-Import ( and Peter will be racing for Alchimist-Skoda (  It will be a great experience for all of us.  I'm really really excited!!

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