Thursday, December 11, 2008

Intervals of Death

I know, I know, two posts, but I wanted Living Well to get it's own post because it was just that impressive.

With the Clif work that starts today and goes through Sunday, my schedule is super full so I've had to switch some rides around for the week. Yesterday I ended up doing the "interval of death." This little baby is 2 hours at 75% all nestled in a 5 hour ride. Well, you see, yesterday Dallas got a wicked storm (with snow!) and the weather was about 20 degrees. Now, Austin is the coldest place I've lived and it really doesn't get 20 degrees ever, so I was dying. I rode outside for a little over an hour before I just couldn't handle it anymore and opted for a trainer in the outdoor hallway. It was still pretty cold there but there wasn't any of that wind nonsense. After completing the 2 hour interval (no easy feat for me!), I opted to finish up the ride indoors so I could defrost my feet a bit. Not only was that my first five hour training ride but that was my first almost 4 hours on the trainer! Good thing I had some good tunes :-)
Post-interval face.

It was so cold Peter's bottles froze! I've never seen this before!

Today I headed up to Grapevine so Nathan could watch me do more intervals- but these a 15 minute sort of a pretty high effort. It was super hard and a lot harder than I had done them- more like 90% of my max. Whew! But guess what? I could do it! Shannon took a funny picture of me "dead" after the ride with Natan standing victoriously over me- look for that on her blog! We also took a product-placement one where Nathan was handing me a Pickle Juice to save me from "dying." Great fun :-)

Now it's time to pack up here and head to the Marathon Expo to set up! Woo!

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