Monday, December 8, 2008

Last Weekend in Austin for Awhile

School finished up pretty well and I just have a final in Business Law on the 15th. I took a little break from my studies this weekend and opted for some fun instead (plus plenty of riding of course!). Now, at UT, business students are special enough to not have classes on Fridays so I got to start my weekend a little earlier ;-)

My friend, Tammy, just got her PhD Saturday so she had a little post-graduation party with her family and friends. Tammy's dad made this amazing vegetable and fruit platter- it was so pretty (and delicious). It was great to see some of my old teammates from San Jose there too since we never see each other.

Sunday evening, Peter, my friend Abhi, and I went to Master Pancake Theater at the Alamo Drafthouse. Abhi is moving away to D.C. in a few weeks so it was nice to see him before he jets off forever. Master Pancake Theater is one of my favorite things in Austin- they usually play a well-known movie and have these comedians interject their own lines over the top of the movie, making it about 1321x more funny. My face is usually sore by the time I leave. This time it was a Christmas showing and they played random holiday clips from movies, shows, etc. It was great. If you live in Austin or are visiting, you must go to one of these shows.

Now, I'm sitting in Dallas and will be going to Living Well tomorrow for acupuncture and some more appointments there Wednesday. I've never done acupuncture, so I'm a little nervous and excited :-) More updates post-appointments!!

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