Sunday, December 28, 2008

Training Camp Day 1-3

Well, camp is has been an adventure thus far. The first day, everyone was driving or flying in from all over, so those of us that got here early enough went out to an Italian restaurant. We all bonded pretty quickly. Our first meeting was good- we received schedules for camp and the season.

The second day ended up with a few extra surprises. We headed out to do the Mad Duck group was 70 degrees and very windy...ten minutes later, it was pouring rain, windy like a freaking tornado, and the temperature dropped by 20 degrees. We rode back to the hotel and decided to try again later. We did try again later, but that didn't go quite as planned either. We started out with a pretty chill double paceline, but about an hour into the ride, an SUV passed us, angrily honking, swerved in front of us and slammed on his brakes, almost taking out everyone. He did it a few more times. After Nathan and those helping us that day got him to pull over, we continued our ride, but had to come back early to talk to the cops. We didn't quite get our tempo paceline work done. Will and Philip's parents cooked us a feast that night, which was very gracious of them feeding our whole crew.

Today was really fun. The weather was more stable- starting in the 40s and ending in the 50s and the wind was much more bearable. We all rode out as a group and then split up into guys and gals. Nathan had given us an order to practice pacelines in. We started off a bit rocky as we tried to get used to each other while going tempo, but after the first interval, we were rotating super smooth. We did a few more efforts, but with leadouts, which was so much fun. I love leadouts. Later, Betty, the nutritionist from Living Well, came and talked to us all about general nutrition and eating for races. She was super helpful and if you are in need of nutrition advice, she's great and easy to talk to. We had, once again, another delicious feast, but this time it was at Doug's house. Thanks Doug!

Camp has been great so far and I'm learning lots. Everyone on the team is super cool and so is the crew that is helping us out- Paula, Andre, Chris, Doug. I'm so grateful for everyone and for the opportunity to be here. Thanks also to Main Street Bakery for providing us packed lunches everyday- they've been great post-ride! We're in town riding here tomorrow and then we're heading up to Oklahoma for three days and then back here again for another few days. More updates with photos later!

It's going to be a great year.

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