Thursday, December 11, 2008

Living Well Dallas = AWESOME

Hey there folks! Let me say that Living Well is amazing. In the past two days, I had each of my four appointments - acupuncture, life coaching, nutrition, and massage. Let me tell you, these are some of the nicest women I've met and they really cared about my needs.

I was a little nervous going into the acupuncture because I don't like seeing needles, but Michelle was great at explaining everything that was going on and it didn't hurt at all. It was nice because after she put all the needles in my Achilles, calves, back, and neck, I got to take a nice little 30 minute nap and let those tiny needles work their magic. After, she did this thing called "cupping" on my back (I have back issues) which helps to stimulate blood flow. Michelle took these little glass jars and put them on my back, then she lit a match and held it to the top of the jar to create a tight suction and then slid them around on my back. It felt pretty weird but in a good way but now I have a huge hickey on my back from it! After the treatment I felt a lot less pain and more flexibility in my back than I have in a month. Amazing! I'm looking forward to going back for sure.

Jenny, the life coach, was great. I tend to worry and get stressed out a lot, which sometimes prevents me from going to sleep no matter how tired I am. She helped me map out all my time commitments and see where I need to let go in the future and gave me some suggestions on how to ease my mind before I go to bed. I'll also be mapping out some goals for myself in different aspects of my life. She gave me a good amount of homework to do but I think it is really going to be beneficial and I already feel less stressed now!

After meeting with Jenny, I saw Betty, the Nutritionist. We set some goals and I'm going to start eating protein with every meal and snack, which I tend to skip out on :-\ The protein will help me maintain lean muscle mass when I'm training and not lose it to hard workouts that wear it down. Most importantly, I still can eat chocolate every day :-)

Finally, I got a massage from Melody. She was super sweet and I'm pretty sure I was so relaxed I could have started drooling. My neck feels better than it has in awhile and I bet it'll feel even better tomorrow.

I'm so appreciative of these great ladies that are helping out Metro VW and keeping us athletes in tip-top condition both physically and mentally. Working with them over the next year is going to be a real treat. Thank you!!

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