Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last Week Before the Fun Begins

Not much has gone on since my last post. With a recovery week, I've found myself with more time than I'm used to which is both good and bad- good because I've been able to sleep at least 8.5 hours a night and because I've been able to get done more things on my to-do list than normal, but bad because not riding makes me anxious and not being completely pressed for time makes me anxious as well. It's enjoyable for a day or two, but now I just want to ride, ride, ride (race, race, race!). Our first race is next week! So close!

In other news, I'm really enjoying my class on Human Use of the Earth (a.k.a. a brief overview of environmental science). I've looked at the environment from a social-profit perspective in one of my marketing classes, but now it's much more meaningful looking at it from a geographical and basic-scientific view. Eventually, I'd like to turn my career into something based on improving both mankind and the environment whether that is through a social profit company or a non-profit or maybe even starting my own. I've always grown up a bit of a hippie (although a middle class hippie) from my California childhood and I would be very happy to be able to give back to the environment that I've surely had a large impact on, unfortunately, in my 20 years.

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