Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cereal Eating Contest

So my house has been extra full all week with an additional 5 guests staying to the already 7 people that live here.  Christian, Christine (his girlfriend), Dalheim, Gonzo, and Benji stayed the week after Pace Bend to do some training in Austin with Peter.  Dalheim had the bright idea of challenging Peter to a Cinnamon Toast Crunch eating challenge.  Now, if you know Peter, he has aspirations of becoming obese post-cycling career, so he was happy to take Dalheim up on the challenge for some practice.  The rules were that they had to eat a whole bag of the cereal in an hour and the first to eat it all wins.  Each bag had 2400 calories of cereal and well over 120 grams of sugar.  What started out for both of them as full enjoyment, quickly become disgust and dread the further they got into the challenge.  Peter started out at a much quicker rate, but overexerted himself by including other foods to "mix it up" but ultimately fill up his stomach- apple, trail mix, yogurt,... Dalheim's steady rate and perseverance won the competition and he is now the reining Cinnamon Toast Crunch champion of Metro VW.  Any takers?

Going at it.

Unhappy boys with empty cereal bags

Dalheim's Cinnamon Toast Crunch Baby

The facts

Well everyone went home today.  Peter, Gonzo and I rode out to Lago Vista to watch the rest of the guys race.  The winds were pretty much torrential, but I got in a good four and a half hours and it was nice to see everyone.  Tomorrow I have exciting plans in the evening for my 21st birthday!  More to come later :-)

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