Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pace Bend Road Race

This past Sunday was Pace Bend Road Race in Austin, Texas. The course is different from the typical road race course, instead being on a quick 7-mile short-and-steeply rolling course. We did seven laps. After struggling to find a parking spot for the infinitely long trailer up where we would actually be able to get out of, we had to drive deep into the chaos that is Pace Bend Parking (a whole other animal in itself). It ended with six boys physically picking up a car and moving it over a foot so the trailer could fit instead of blocking two dozen cars in a dead end.

The race itself went fantastic. We set out to make the race as hard as possible and pretty much ended up attacking one after the other after the other... We worked really well together. Casey was able to make a wonderful punchy attack up the feed zone hill and took two girls, Christina and Rhe, with her. Christina and Casey stayed away for the rest of the race. The rest of us kept up the attacks for most of the rest of the race and the pack dwindled down to 14. When it came down to the last few miles, Ashley went to the front and kept the pace at 25mph, I pulled through just before the base of the climb to the finish, Shannon went for it and won the field sprint. Casey won her sprint as well, for a rocking 1st and 3rd for Metro!


Casey said...
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Casey said...

I love the happy smiley face waves.. contrasts our serious race faces well : )

See ya soon you!