Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Extended Stay

So not too much has been going on activity-wise the past few days, but my schedule is more finalized for the rest of my stay. I'll be racing every weekend from now until I leave starting this weekend with a 46k Kriterium in Germany. I'm extending my stay by about a week because Shannon and I have been asked by the team to do the UCI race in Albstadt from August 21st-23rd. That means I'll be flying back the 24th or 25th, just in time for class on the 26th! Talk about a full summer. Shannon will return here Sunday after the race. We have some fun trips/training trips being planned too and I have a special visitor visitng Zollbruck this week- Peter! Today is laid back but I'll be riding with Marco this evening so he can "motorpace" me with his TT bike since it's a bad idea for normal motorpacing in my area.

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