Monday, July 20, 2009

Steinmauer TTT + Aareschlucht

Sunday was the Swiss National Championships for the Team Time Trial. Since Stephanie is German and Shannon and I are American, we couldn’t compete for a medal, but were able to race out of contention. Fabienne, Sereina, Jessica, and Myriam all raced in contention. Since we didn’t have any aero equipment and only three people, some of the pressure was off, but of course the three of us still wanted to make a good show. The course was two, 30k laps of a rolling course and it was quite windy and chilly. We did fast rotations until we got settled in a bit and then moved to longer 1-minute rotations. Things went well though and we passed two other women’s teams somehow. In the end, time-wise, our Swiss women’s team was first, and then we were second by over two minutes- another good day for Team Bike-Import. Peter was nice enough to schedule his ride around my race and came out during his ride to cool-down with me after the race. It was nice getting to see him for a few minutes.

I’m back in Zollbruck for the week and Shannon is gone at Fabienne’s. Marco is on holiday so he has some entertainment planned for me for the week. This afternoon was the first part of the entertainment with a short walk along this amazing river that goes right through a mountain. The place is called Aareschlucht. It was really amazing to see how powerful water really is to do that to a mountain. After, we went with the parents to a restaurant to get gelace. It’s raspberry season here so everything has raspberries in it now. Sounds good to me! The rest of the evening is just chill-time for me so I can do some research and do other important things like update my blog ;-)

Carrot-monstor from the mother's garten

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