Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thunersee und Oberhofen Schloss

Yesterday Susanna, Abigail, Shannon and I journeyed to the Thunersee to go to the city of Thun and to the Oberhofen Castle just outside the city. The area there is so beautiful with huge mountains surrounding the lake made from the snow from the mountain tops. We ventured to the Oberhofen Schloss (castle) which is famous for having many of the rooms still furnished as if the owners would come back at any time. The castle is right on the shore of the lake so the view was astonishing. We ended up roaming around the castle for hours.



Wooden bridge and dam

Fairytale castle

Oberhofen Schloss

Turkish smoking room

Beautiful view

Me, Abigail, and Shannon

In a rose garden, overlooking the harbor

Sunshine peeking through the rainclouds.

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