Monday, July 20, 2009

Liechtenstein Day 5-6

Friday was a very dreary day. It poured rain all day long. It never once stopped. After Stephanie got home from work, we took a little trip to Austria to a village that had good shopping. Since I wasn’t really intending on buying anything, I just followed Stephanie and Shannon around while they went in a few shops, including H&M. Now I can say I’ve been to one of those. Definitely a good place to go if you just want something in particular since the options are extensive and very affordable.


In the evening we drove around awhile trying to find a restaurant that had room for four. Stephanie and Philipp were hoping to take us to a more traditional place, but the options we tried were full. We settled on Indian of all things. We got a bottle of red wine with our curry meal. The wine was really good.

Saturday it was still pouring buckets and even snowing on the surrounding mountains, so Philipp suggested a spur-of-the-moment trip to Ticino in the Italian part of Switzerland where it was sunny and warm so we could ride. The ride was really nice and the area was beautiful. Unfortunately, since holidays just started for Germany and the place is a hot tourist spot, the area was very crowded and the traffic was terrible, so I didn’t get to appreciate the area as much as possible. Maybe next time ;-)

The evening was nice. Just a silly Australian movie called Black Sheep. In this movie, these sheep go crazy when they get bitten by a scientifically-created baby sheep. The sheep then attack and kill people. Of course the main character also had a phobia of sheep. Pretty silly. All-in-all, our stay in Liechtenstein was really great. It was nice to be in a new area of the country and Stephanie and Philipp were great hosts.

On the way to Ticino


Pretty Ticino

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