Sunday, January 11, 2009

Aaaand I'm Off!

So the extent of my stay in Austin for winter break has ended (the whole 6 days of it!). Short but sweet. I definitely got a lot done and even managed to see my best friend twice, too!

Today I worked a 20-Mile running event for Clif Bar. It was the usual, handing out bars and also the whole Shot line of products. The sweet new Blok packaging was's in a Starburst-like packaging so you can squeeze them out instead of rummaging around in that dang bag. Pretty sweet, I must admit. Yeah this is at 7:30am after we had already been working for two hours in 30 degree weather (flipping cold by Texas standards!)...Hello runners!
Our awesome vendor neighbors from the Austin Rehabilitation Center brought Hana and I some coffee so we could wake up and warm up! (And they helped us with our tent that seems to be rusting, or maybe it just doesn't like Hana and I).

It was so cold that I wore as much clothing as I did when I went snowboarding...except I skipped the long underwear today :-) I wore three jackets...I never even got down to my bottom two layers...both my Clif bar layers!
The event was a little slower than Hana and I expected but that's okay because a bunch of us are heading to Houston this upcoming weekend for the Houston Marathon which is always chaotic with all the people and the huge expo!

I've been doing a fair amount of work this week preparing everything for the UT training camp in Leakey, Texas. Peter and I have been sharing most of the work for this, so I think we'll both be a bit relieved once we get everyone there all safe and sound. This year it's going to be pretty freaking big with 42 people going for 4 days! Peter and I had to take two trips to Costco just to get all the food we'll need for those days. We got lots of funny looks from people with a basket full of bread, one full of fruit and veggies, and another full of milk! This is so much more food than what it looks like!!
Yup so from training camp, Peter and I will head back to Austin long enough to meet up and load ourselves into the Clif truck to go to Houston to work the marathon. Whew! And then school starts (and the season shortly after- hurray!)! Hope everyone has a good week!

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