Friday, January 9, 2009

Back in the ATX

So after some self-care, in the form of acupuncture, massage, nutrition, and life coach, from the wonderful ladies at Living Well, Peter and I headed back home to Austin. It had been just about a month since we've been here, not counting the 36 hours we were here to take finals. The past few days here have been relaxing, but not in the sense that I have nothing to do. A lot of things have piled up during my absense and there is much to do to prepare for the upcoming semester and season. I started riding again a few days ago, which has felt good, but my legs are still a bit tired, probably because I am still struggling to sleep. Peter and I have been at it in the kitchen, trying out some new things the nutritionist wanted us to try, like swiss chard chips.

Last night we went to Pat and Tammy's house to "watch the game" (I don't think anyone even looked at the TV), celebrate Pat's signing with Ouch!, and dine on Tammy's delicious vegetarian enchiladas. I was pretty worn out by the time I got there so we called it a night early.

Today is going to be another "Power" day in terms of getting things done with the sweet ending of building my TT bike, finally!

I stole some pictures from some of the other blogs but here's to training camp!

The Ladies, left to right: Andrea, Ashley, Natalie, Shannon (back), Coryn, me, Casey, Sinead

Not Pictured: Lise, KimThe Dudes, left to right: Andrew G, Will, Cory, Peter, Phillip, Matt, Andrew D, Evan

Not Pictured: Christiam, Benjamin, Leo, Joe

I wish I had some of these in my backyard! Talihena, OK.

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