Sunday, January 25, 2009

The First Four Day Weekend

So this weekend is, and still will be tomorrow, my first four day weekend with my new class schedule. Why, yes, I am very aware that I am lucky to be able to swing a schedule like that and still graduate plenty on time. The schedule will come in handy once we start racing the further away races so I don't have to miss class. I filled this weekend with plenty though! The highlight was definitely going to Dallas, seeing and riding with awesome teammates, and getting some of the new equipment for the season. We are a very blessed team to have such great sponsors in what many consider a dark time. FSA, Feather brakes, BH, and the list goes on. Brad of Metro VW has taken incredible care of us as well- we even have suitcases for the year! Can't wait to use it for Valley of the Sun in a couple weeks. Weinburgers in Grapevine is an amazing sandwich joint and they are graciously sponsoring us as well! They seriously have at least 60 choices of sandwiches and wraps so they definitely have one for you. We are definitely a very blessed team and I am very blessed as well to have this opportunity.
The new additions to the bike family at the cycling house.

Neat suitcase, huh? It looks almost as if there is a backpack attached to it too. Thanks, Brad!

The visit ended up being cut short a bit because I had to jet back to Austin to work the 3M half-marathon for Clif...unfortunately we had to start at 5:30am and my neighbors decided to have an outdoor party last night going into the wee hours of the morning, meaning I laid in bed waiting for my alarm to go off instead of sleeping at all. I'm not sure how much coffee I've drank today just to semi-function. The event ended up being much busier and colder than planned- double the people and half the temperature. Let's just say it was very busy and it was impossible to keep chopping enough bars to satiate the thousands because the bars were semi-frozen! It ended up being a solid 10 hours of work though, so that's always good for the wallet these days.
This is the best posed picture ever- good job Hana and thanks to that guy for playing along with the crazy Clif folks.

People, people everywhere! Pretty much my view all day.

The rest of the day will be dedicated to homework, TT bike building, and an extra early bedtime. My 4 hour ride for today will be swapped with tomorrow's rest day so I can be, well, rested.

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